Geartyrant luck

So I just got geartyrant from a 10 in 1! I know not a lot of people have him, but for those who do, what’s a good setup for him? And is he worth it to ultra evolve? I appreciate any suggestions!

I just got him, too.
I would assume some kind of sleep lock would work great with him? 3 Sleepers + Gear ?
Not sure though, would be nice, if the pros could elaborate.

I’ve been running him with sleepers and stunners, seems pretty awesome so far. It’s the first strategy I’ve tried, but it’s had great results

Pm TFA Red. He got one when he first came out.

Stun bombers would be destroyed by a Leo or absorber or immune front line though. That plan has major pvp flaws haha

You use sleep bombs

Sleep bombers. If you can execute it well enough, you can breeze entire match. Roaring entrance or gazer can be a problem though I think.

One thing I am concern about geartyrant is that he auto death incoming mons and what if the incoming has DR? It might destroy your lineup and can’t do anything about it.

He has hold ground and life flipself

yeah I mean if the DR lands on the other mons/supporting mons that might mess up your combinations.

Guys I can’t believe I got a legendary which is geartyrant I never happened with me when I got legendary which is featured I the egg
And interestingly thing I is that I open this egg one for 5 gems and I got
I am very happy with this

That’s a balance decision. If it worked like death roulette it would be too hard to do anything against it. I have him, and with the right supporters it would be impossible to kill him if auto DS didn’t trigger revenges.

So the real question is to ultraevolve or not :thinking:

not if you have a sweeper frontline for Leo or anything that has Stun Absorb.

I usually not using him on PVP also not playing pvp too much (bad connection)

but in UC Yes., (good substitute if you dont have Emeral + goldtail)

Main advice dont use him in FL atleast make him 6 or 7 slot.

FL are sweepers to support him then 8 slot and so on. stun bombs/sleepbombs + purifier next slot.,

depend on you,

he is a bit risky to use but if you learned how to use him Geartyrant rules…

ofc every setup has a counters.

thanks and hope i helped…

btw Geartyrant is my favorite legendary of all.,

He is my Icon xD

Good Luck

Yap, he’s definitely not a PvP monster I’ve tried about 10 different line ups with geartyrant during the past two days but I can’t find something that I can rely on. It’s easy to run him with steamhawk, Remus and a stun Bomb but this works only against less talented players. Also nearly everyone in the higher ranks has Leo oder zib-kong who can out speed every possible tactic that is needed for gear. Have to try him in UC, but to me PvP is most fun part of this game (expect of the current one with all the bugs) so I’m kind off sad that I can’t use him properly

First up dont even bother with pvp, it’s far too slow and normal sleep locking is just better.

For uc you want to be using sleep bombs, preferably 1 per 4 monsters. Easiest way to set it up is stun revenge or death revenge into anything that can stun and kill itself to bring in sleep bombers.
Also remember that gear doesn’t kill the first 4 monsters so soulstealer is a really good complementary monster. Just sleep everything and wait.

Sigh! another post that make me sad… why everyone has good legends while I just sitting here looking at tiamad +1 that I have and 3 other useless legends (minichron, shadowyrm, dramega). smh.

Hronotitqn bomb curse will kil 4 mons in UC.

you have 4 really good and useful legedaries. Dont underestimate them. Shadowyrm is really powerful as twinkillers are really good. Chronititan is also super great. Shivadragon can be amazing in pve and pvp too when used correctly

said from the one who have 30+ legends.

I suck at every event I can’t do anything about it. they are good but they dont work well tgt. Shivadragon and chronititan can suck my ■■■ they die like ants and don’t even do anything. Well, tiamad is nobody without support and shadowyrm is useless twinkillers for PVE or PVP nobody uses it anyway. bruh, in UC shadowyrm hits like a peanut to tankers.