Gatekeeper level 400 (No Nebel+Atra / Polareon

Well… guess this is as far as i’ll be bothering to try seeing as work starts again tommorow.

actually bothered to make a video without copyrighted music so it can be posted on the facebook page :smiley:

was my second attempt at the gatekeeper after doing 1 try to just see the opponent starter line… must say I lucked out a bit with the death roullete & Deaths revenge at start but well… have to get lucky sometime.

Enjoy :D still processing on youtube should be done in about 5minutes

PS: I speed up the video to go twice as fast… feel free to put it to 0.5x the speed but it will take about half an hour to finish hehe

The money and the grind, lol.

Is it even worth it?

Congratulations bud.

let me answer that question - no it was not lol