Fusing/Selling/Deleting Monsters

Hey devs,

So I have this idea. Instead of automatically fusing duplicate monsters for the time bonus, can we rather get the option to either fuse or sell/delete the duplicates for gems. For example:

Epic = 1 Gem

Super Epic = 2 Gems

Legendary = 5 Gems

This will obviously only work for monsters that are only obtainable via Gold Eggs, so the 4 starters, Six Trials monsters and Cursed Island Epics can’t be sold etc. to ensure Gem farming can be done.

This will help a bit in getting that last handful of gems to hatch 10-in-1 eggs etc.

Just an idea, let me know what you think.

I love the idea, I’m sure P2W players will like this too. Any Devs looking at this??

I think is a good idea too. So we can just trade our mons for gems

I like the idea a lot it makes dupes a bit less annoying that get that way

So basically pay to wim players will get 8-10 gems per 10 pack
At least
Imagine getting 5 dupe epics 4 dupe super epics and a dupe legend. Thats 18 gems back

i like the idea but it’s not going to happen

And that means after just a few packs,you can have all Mon(especially limited ones).nice but boring and a little far from happening. I mean what the devs do after about 5-6 month?whats the number of new player?do you think they can just close their eyes on p2w players they have right now?then they should countiniusly create new Mon and released them to ensure getting money out of this game.not gonna happen.

I really like this even though im still really new and dont have to much.

You need to be able to sell potions for coins. What good are epic potions really. Starters get them and give turners and that’s basically it. Should be 100k epic 200k super epic and 500k legend

i like this idea and main post one, it would really make the game better.
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I think you should be able to fuse spares in general. It’s a waste of potential having the duplicates sitting there doing nothing. I don’t delete them just in case the devs do decide to make use of them.