Forced to leave this awesome game - potentially selling account

Good evening all,

I’ve recently taken a new job and that new time commitment has left me unable to tend to my NeoMon account dutifully. I’ve sunk more than a few hundred dollars into my account (maybe close to $1000?) and my legendary list should illustrate that so I thought I’d throw out some feelers to see if I might be able to recoup some of my investment.

This community and game are really awesome and I’ve had some great help along the way (aznvasions you’re awesome still) so it sucks to leave.

I’ve loaded up a gallery of my mon list here:

That should give you a good idea of legendary, super epic and epic availability. The account itself is Hero Rank 87 with all story and side missions completed. I have not however kept up with the most recent events like the latest island challenge or the anniversary events. I’ve been playing on a stock iPhone 6s

Anyway, not sure if this is legit or not, hopefully so. If not just let me know and I’ll pull the post down. Shout if there are any questions. I’ll monitor the thread for a few days unless an offer presents itself.

Much love.

Sure. Good luck convincing anyone.

Thanks  :wacko:

My expectations are set quite low.

Nah, plenty of stupid people willing to get scammed. Keep your chin up.

No need to be a jerk.

Trying to act like you are taking the moral high road so people will think this is legit. Go scam elsewhere.

R.I.P Scammer…

If there was a legitimate way to sell our accounts, I would. I have to stop lol.  I am acting like I’m made of money but I’m not… Thank god I never got into drugs

Yeah, the problem here is that a lot of people have gotten scammed. If you have a way to prove that you are legit(maybe get a dev to back you up, maybe ask Tyler.) then you will find a lot of potential buyers.

I’m happy to even let an admin hold my player code in sort of an escrow on behalf of someone if there’s actually interest.

I did take your advice and shot Tyler a note to see if he’d trouble himself with proving the legitimacy of the account. If that is in question, i could post a screen of the CC associated with my iTunes account dating back to July, sorted for iTunes. Many know how much the 150 gem pack costs after taxes and there would a lot of those charges.

Or any other ideas for that matter. Nothing to hide.

The problem is you can’t actually sell the account for any monetary gain because technically you don’t’ own it, the developers kind of loan you it. You can give it away but you can’t monetise the process

If that becomes the case, then there’s probably a more charitable outcome to this. There’s no reason to let a perfectly good account go to waste. I haven’t heard differently from staff yet though so giving it a minute.

Technically you own the license. So I think you can sell that.

developers won’t back you up. you’re not allowed to sell it according to intellectual property law in the ToS. you are allowed to give it away though.

you don’t own anything. they loan it to you.  buckingham is right

You can probably sell for the trade of a “container” (ie an email, a text, a PM, w.e) containing the restore code information, but not the account itself. There’s a lot of loopholes for these kinds of things. And technically the restore code can then be used to trade the account over. But anyways, I can vouch for the fact Bantam is a legitimate player with an established account in this game, but that is all I can vouch for.

You’re a rad dude azn. Thanks again for slapping some strategy thought process in my head awhile back.

How much? Pm me

This topic has been closed due to violation of in-game rules.
While it is not stated on the forum that the sale of an account is against the rules, it is in fact against the in-game rules and will not be allowed. 

However, if you choose to trade your account, it is tolerated but not supported, and we will not assist you if something goes wrong. Trade at your own risk.

Good luck.