Flutterdrake or abbysoldier? Who was best.

I was stuck in a big confusion. Flutterdrake or abbysoldier,which on i have to choose?

And also tell who is best from these –

a)C.W. or G.F ?

b)G.D or spikiestorrant,spikiestone etc. ?

c) yrms or P.G. ?

Flutters - unless you have AS Myst.

AS for me

I got Maeve and Poseidon, so I cannot really decide. I think both give fantastic combinations and are very nicely balanced and easy to use unlike the EF or GD.

But I’ll choose AS, because they are versatile to use alone or as a team, and they are way more combinations to create due to the high number of available AS compared to flutters.

Also its more easy to buy Poseidon and Myst than getting a maxed Maeve as F2P.



Gummy Dragons or Pyramids

I wonder why we got multiple AS but only 6 flutters. I’d love more flutters to come out. Let’s keep Thlugs at 6 though :sweat_smile: @Dev_VKC

Law of Conservation of Utility

Meave> Poseidon

Myst> flutters

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Abyssoldiers are better cause they are more verstilale

Homie, Sunflower/Jasmine/Violet together are already better than C.W

I would say Spike because of their speed (thunder mainly)

what are yrms?

GD are complete powerhouses that can oneshot almost any monster that isnt holy or shadow element with counter strike. people forget this.


Yrms like - ventoyrm ,heavnsyrm,etc.