Flocculasaurus entrance

Aggressive entry of Floculasaurus, I have the turn of my Drakion and I execute a killer of protectors to Skeleviathan and it turns out that my drakion resists the Hit of the entrance of floculasaurus and then the revenge is executed, (transformation into rock) and remains with its points of life totally full

Can a mod change the title of this thread to English?

yeah once they do that I can finally understand what the topic is saying


Guys it’s pretty obvious (entrada = entrance). No need to be rude to Spanish people kindly going through the effort to write in English on the forum.

@TNCGodZeus Yeah that’s annoying the entrance triggers before the revenge. I don’t know if that’s even consistent. It makes more sense if the revenge triggers first, the rockoid is created, then Flocculasaurus enters and kills the rock.


@Killerdog no need to be condescending, Spanish is a challenging language.

For example, “ embarazada” does NOT mean “Embarrassed”


And “constipado” doesn’t mean what you think.


Lmao I looked up “constipado” @DMGInterference

I wonder what the Spanish word for “gullible” is

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Isn’t it a biweekly challenge

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It’s obvious from the content of his post, not the word itself. I only wrote the word because I’d removed it from the title and wanted to have it in my post for reference. The main point I was making there was how rude it came across that the only two replies to the thread were people ridiculing the one Spanish word in the title that could very easily be understood.

I know you’ll always look for ways to make me look bad or like I’m being rude to people. Here I was only standing in defence of a minority. Please can we just discuss topics rather than getting at each other.


Why did this became a racist thread


Bro I don’t remember clearly but after flocco comes in I used element shield on ash and ash killing leo by chrono killer and I killed utopian by tardy cannon and things happened and I won

For one time I agree with KD flocco entrance should be after the revenge…
Is logical because the monster dying is on the ground Flocco is entereing, priority should go for the monster on the ground…

Ingenuo o crédulo

If there is an enemy payback revenge monster with floccu entering and your sweeper is shielded it dies because you kill the payback revenge monster Floccu enters removing your sweeper’s shield and then the death revenge triggers killing it which is something REALLY dumb imo