F2P Maximizing Value of Keys and Training Priority

As most people have probably discovered by now, you can’t beat the story by spamming AoE and keys recharge at an absurdly slow rate. So the question is, which creature should you train with your hard earned fruit and how do you get the most value out of your keys?

In the early hero levels, your tickets are capped in a way that you can only really get one run through the fruit dungeon per key. The way you circumvent that is by taking advantage of the ticket reset on hero level. Do story missions until you are within 300 experience for the next level, then use your key and run the dungeon twice. For an example, my tickets are currently capped at 28. I am able to do 4 runs per key by getting within 600 experience of the next level, doing 1 run with full energy, wait 20 minutes and do another run (which gets me the level and the reset), and then doing another two runs. This will vastly improve your fruit rate and you will find that you have enough to train your important monsters. I have done two runs total through the silver dungeon and I have had no problems with silver as the later missions as well as the resource dungeons give good amounts of silver. 

Now which monster should be trained first? This is very team dependent, but the general idea is to prioritize monsters that gain an important ability with evolution. A prime example is the starter, its non ultra form comes with hold ground, stun revenge, last stand, and generic single/multi target abilities. It’s a pretty solid move set, but their ultra forms come with desperate strike, which has amazing synergy with hold ground.

Other high priority monsters are those with some form of bloodcrave or bloodthirst. Those types of creature rely on high damage to secure the first kill, and high health to survive until they can truly shine. An extra 400 health is the difference between surviving that extra turn for a healer to come into play and becoming a sweeping beast that decimates the opponent, or dying uselessly. Time strike teams should focus on raising speed of the stun bomb monsters and maxing out the time strike users, speed is also very important for dreamhunt/explosion teams. Examine your team and consider carefully which creature has the most impact, fruit is a limited resource so it shouldn’t be squandered! 

I evolved Nilox to Niloxov and he got Dual poison touch and 3650 attack. Very good decision.

Next up is another poisoner, Seacoil.

On a similar topic, today I was told of the fastest way to rank up to get more tickets and higher cost (CREDIT GOES TO 0rbifolder)

Step 1: Have 25 tickets (Rank 15)

Step 2: Get within 100-300 points of the next level

Step 3: Use a silver key to unlock the Mouths of Truth (Ingredient Missions)

Step 4: Play the Gold Tower (warning, fairly difficult)

Step 5: Rake in the 3500 exp per run

I went from Rank 15 to 21 in about an hour or so from doing this, gave me just enough cost to add another 7 cost to my team.

This is exactly what I did and it works super well. Unfortunately, you quit gaining a full level per dungeon run around hero level 21-22.