event time length

I honestly think some of the time of these events should be shortened.  DC is way to long, and UC probably could be shortened too.

It’s just fine for me. I prefer playing leisurely.

I do too, but I also beat DC in like an afternoon

well it is better to keep coming up with new events not waiting for one to end and start another one

DC needs to be eliminated nobody is interested in it anyway

yup its fine when only thing its level increases which make it boring i mean checkpoint after 50 lvl is 57 level if its 5 lvl checkpoint then its fine.

I agree DC is extremely boring, it is worse than SOTF. BUT at least it allows you too kep going on one payment of tickets. I think SOTF should allow you to keep going until your team us beat too, and from the description that’s what it reads like it’s supposed to do.