Event difficulty


I dont know about you, but I’ve tried multiple times trying to get through the ex phase 4 of the difficult difficulty(the last of all) and i can’t, it’s very dumb, I can’t even use my characters cuz they stun me so hard that I’m dead when it’s my turn.

Also I’m a f2p user:


Fuse your dragarosa , level it… use it with Pikachu monster instead of that frog…

Put grenzor in 5th spot. Level it to 40…


That‘s the only fight with a decent difficulty. I hope they‘ll continue adding onto this difficulty so it‘s a bit more challenging!:slight_smile:


Indeed I had to redesign my team for that fight as well! Tip: build a Light element team and find at least a level 80 Kirin from the mercenary list :wink:

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Its the first match ive lost in events too, nice to see how the game can be harder. Hope future events will require a brain as well :ok_hand:t3:


If auto play can beat it on demand I think the difficulty is still too low