Episode XII - The First Strike


So I struggled getting through the first couple episodes, and then I evolved my revenarchion and breezed through the missions up until this one. This death revenge lineup is destroying me. I only have a couple of high powered units being that this is my first week playing. The only units I have at 5 stars or higher are my Rexotyrant, Revenarchion, Huskie, and Ankdrake. Anyone have any advice on how to get through this mission? If I can I’ll be able to open my 4th hatch 10 on the newcomer egg.


The episodes are very hard if you try to tackle them immediately, especially in your first week of playing. If you want to grab some quick gems then hunt around in the online section. In “story missions” -> “story events” -> “other stories” it should be possible to grab a few easy gems.


It’s very easy to beat Death Revenge with non-legendary monsters @Ghoststriker

Think about it :thinking:

PM me if you are stumped.


I found a way to beat it, just used my main guys to power through everything and knocked all the death revenge to the back and used a create duplicate spam to end it. Wondering if it is worth restarting and trying for better rolls on the eggs. Only took about 6 days to gather up 160 gems. I opened 4 hatch 10s and got 2 mythic, but they were the same and 6 legendaries, but 3 dupes. Idk how easy it is to farm gems after the initial burst from stories and achievements.


4 packs giving 2 mythics and 6 legendaries sounds brilliant. Legendary dupes are disappointing there but you can’t really expect much better than what you got, especially with the mythics!


are mythic dupes any good? It just felt underwhelming getting 8 good pulls but only having 4 monsters to show for it. It felt like in the early game where I am having more good monsters to use would be better than having the dupes.


What were the monsters u got ?


Huskie, Ankdrake, Revenarchion, Rexotyrant. 2nd mythic was a dupe Huskie and the legendary dupes were Revenarchion x2 and an Ankdrake.


Those are really good pve monsters , more better if u can get aurodragon .

As for the mythic huskie, it’s okay for a starter although experienced players call it trash.

Roll on other festivals too… sleep festival seems really good


I’d die a happy man if I got Aurodragon. My main problem at the moment is not having any tanky frontliners so all my nukers evaporate into nothingness.