Elemental Knights Online

Elemental knights online is a seriously awesome game ( putting aside events are in some different laguage) th highest lv is 30 soo its super hard to lv up when ur in the 20s.

Its a very fun role playing game filled wit magnificent grapghics n desighns with many cool, awesome and cute cosplay n now some of the weapons change form when used

Im a lv 30 asassain, thief, monk, :arrow_down:️dragon lancer, dragon sabrer, dragon buster :arrow_down:
Second character slot lv 30 warrior, magi knight, guardian >
Third character lv 30 mage, warlock, bishop, >
Fourth character lv 30 cleric, monk, bishop >

Time been playing 100000+ hours acuratly 4.5 years

Also played alcheamy knights online which got destroyed 2 years ago was fun when it lasted

Friends: now 131, deleted friends 1789 total 1910 friends

Hope u play it

If you play non stop (no pause no sleep no eat) for 5 year it’s 43800 hours 100 000 hours is like 11-12 year of intense playing :wink: I don’t understand what you’r doing :slight_smile:

I se i thought somthin was weird lol i was thinking about how rich i am in hunter island p.s 1 mill silver now anyway if i added hwo much time i didnt play game id say 2.5 years