Elemental dungeon is a huge letdown

For those who haven’t bothered to try it yet, the way the elemental dungeon works is that there’s six dungeons one for each type, and each one has all 5 ingredients of its respective type. You know how many ingredients you can get for 25 tickets? ONE. And to bring down the other shoe, you don’t even get a choice. “Oh, you desperately need an aquamid to evolve your first legend? And you’re already covered on everything else water? Well too bad, have yet another seabottle/pixie. Have a nice day.”

This is simply not an improvement over the regular ingredient missions at all. In fact, it’s FAR worse. Let’s start with the bottles and pixies. In the regular missions, for each time you enter you have a solid 49.73% chance of getting the bottle/pixie you want, not to mention you’re almost guaranteed to get 4 total meaning a fair chance of getting more than one of the element you need, all for a mere ten tickets. Now compare it to the elemental dungeon, which charges 25 tickets for a 20% chance of getting a single bottle/pixie and nothing else. That doesn’t sound very special to me. Besides, if you’re still at the point where you’re trying to collect these things, you’re highly unlikely to even HAVE 25 tickets to spend on ED anyway.

Now for the harps and lamps. It should be a good deal here since they’re hard to get in the normal mission right? Wrong. The normal mission has, in fact, almost exactly a 1/3 chance of giving you the harp/lamp you want, still a substantial improvement over 20%. And the normal dungeon has a high chance of giving you at least 2 harps that you could likely need elsewhere, even if you don’t get the particular element you want. And you likely are already well covered in bottles and pixies, so that means you have a 40% chance of essentially wasting 25 tickets. Boo.

Finally, the pyramids. Now, in this case ED does actually offer a better chance, the normal one being 16.67%. However the normal mission guarantees that you get a pyramid at all, while it may not be the element you need that’s at least a new pyramid waiting to be used on another monster later on, while ED has the 40% chance of screwing you over, or perhaps even higher if you don’t even need the harps or lamps of the element. Plus the regular mission has a rare chance of giving a cryptamid, which no new player could possibly pass up.

In short, this event sucks. In line we came up with two solutions to make this event truly worthwhile:
1- Place 3 or possibly more than 3 random encounters before the final fight, just like the normal missions. This would make the odds far better for all of the ingredients since 1/5 is better than 1/6, and it certainly makes it worth 25 tickets.
2- Total overhaul. Basically, make players only able to do a single dungeon one time, just like the rare ingredients in super powerup, but when they beat it they get ALL 5 ingredients in the dungeon. This would be a massive help for someone that needs to get a particular monster evolved, it could cover practically everything it needs in one fell swoop. Best part is, it’s guaranteed. You have no idea how appealing this will look to a new player that’s getting abused by the normal dungeon’s rng. I honestly think this is easily the best path you could take. Also there’s an update on the horizon, so it seems like the perfect time to get this thing fixed up.

Worst event ever i played in neo history😬

Agreed to all above. Basically this has swapped a good chance at a needed item for a bad chance at a specific element. The only advantage is that you don’t need a key, but if you’ve used 25 tickets then odds are it won’t be worth it to use the key in a different dungeon.

It is poop,did not play it and won’t play it as it’s better the old way around

Completely agree with luc.
Although luc’s solutions are both good, I wanna suggest another solution.
This event lasts one week, so why don’t we have different ingredients on different day?
For example, on the first day, we can get only the bottle, and so on.


I agree this new event suxxxs -_- thought it would be half decent but i was 100% wrong on it. Was hoping for something much more useful lmao XD

Agreed, this is not what I expected. I like the idea of only playing each element once, but getting all the corresponding ingredients. It’s ridiculous how long I’ve been trying to get simple sea pixies

Yeah, this event is seriously nonsense. Just a waste of tickets…

PS: @DanyreasStormborn You’ll have a better chance of catching Seapixies here: Chapter 3: Water Valley Dungeon

Thanks for the tip :blush:

Was going to make a thread but thanks @luc, this event is crap!!!

Thank you for the feedbacks :unsure:

This is another option of getting ingredient, not a major event.

But I agree you all have points.

We will apply the following change asap.

Player will encounter 3 ingredient monsters per battle. The 3 ingredients are random.

In this way, even you don’t have to risk catching them by odds.

Thanks and calm down.

Have a nice day.

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Hmm, so you mean that there’s still only one battle, but that battle gives 3 random ingredients of the element? If so that means a 48.8% chance for each ingredient. That’s MUCH more like it, thanks VKC. :slight_smile:

@Dev VKC, that sounds alot better . Thank you

We hope people like it this way.

This is limited time only event. So it does make sense to have some good deals.

I see the 3 ings change already happened. Thats nice

@VKC I couldn’t care less what ingredients are in these missions.

All I wanna know is when Count Lectors Shadow Arena is coming back.

Z19 GaryOak

I am sorry. Count Lector has been very busy recently.

That’s never a good sign

And since he had said he’s goona prepare a nasty surprise for the Chrismas guardians, he MAYBE will be busy through whole year B)