Is it just me who’s having thé worst luck possible with the eggs?
I keep getting monsters I already have who then just become a +1 bonus for the existing monster in my dex. And none of those are monster that’re remotely usefull…
Would be nice to get a good monster out of this once a while.
Keep wasting gems and money hoping to get something decent. Get these news messages that say that we get a bigger chance at getting certain legendaries, yet always end up with a beetler … -_-

It’s very annoying. Especially because it’s literally the only way to get strong monsters.

Everyone hates dupes. If you want legends only roll festival eggs. Special eggs bite.

I would be inclined to agree but I’ve had far greader luck in specials. Like wayyyyyy better

When it says higher chance to get specific legendary it means if you land on legendary your more likely to get that monster it doesn’t mean your more likely to land on legendary

Any idea when the next festival egg is going to be?

Father’s day is in about 2 weekends


welp, guess we’d better start hoarding those gems. Don’t want to miss out on the new event exclusive pastry legend!


Overstuff- feed the opponent donuts until he goes into a food coma.

Passive- Eternal food coma. Triggers upon the 2nd consectutive use of overstuff.

Introspective birthday cake- monster is given a birthday cake, and realizes how old he is and that he has not accomplished much. He experiences a midlife crisis and wonders if there is more to do besides fighting other monsters. Causing him to leave the battle to buy a Porsche.

Is this like poison?

I’ve got 3 legendarily now and none were from festival eggs, I have bad luck in festival eggs but good luck on the normal ones it’s kinda weird but I’d still recommend festival eggs, also if there’s a certain legendary on you want to get and it featured in a festival egg, there is less chance of getting it then usual

No, there is more chance. You have to take into account the fact that you have to hit legendary before you can get it.

Yes, now that I think about it haha

Surprise Party - Throw a surprise party for an enemy monster. The monster will be so filled with joy that it will switch over to your team.