Easily accessible world map?

Maybe it is just me or I have not progressed far enough in the game but I do not like having to return to town when attempting to navigate to a quest location between town x and town y. Didn’t dragon island have a world map? I have to go back to town and use the portal to view a world map and it just seems like if the protagonist had a map since he is a presumably younger than average hunter roaming a wide open world, it doesn’t make sense that he or she would not use a map.

If you tap the bag icon out in the field there is a map Icon. It’s the top right one.

Haha ya know before I even made the post I looked everywhere I could think of before I put my foot in my mouth. To bad I did it in town. * feels dumb*

Lol it’s ok, that’s what we are here for :slight_smile: