Dunkleosus/Seahowl/Blurstrike strategies?

Make sure to have only one ultra-evolved enemy on the field at any given time.

When I beat them I had Pegassus, Poseideon and Barricadus as my super epics, and a whole bunch of nonsense stun bomb/sleep bomb from going through the game.

There are two keys:

  1. Prevent as much damage to your team as possible. You do this by killing one non-evolved monster, and fighting the ultra-evolved one at a time.

  2. Don’t try to overpower them. Deal with each monster one at a time.

I would put your starter last, then the Seasteed for stunbomb. Use your Frogthug towards the back and have him stealth himself until he can explode. Position your Rhynobrawl towards the back-middle so he can at least kill one major guy when he dies. Try not to use Roulette. It doesn’t kill the ultra-evolved guys :(. If you have the puffoxin, you can do the same thing with it.

Put your healer in a place to keep your main attackers alive, and I’d move the Snowja towards the middle, as the front-line monsters don’t have attacks that allow him to use Timestrike/Bloodcrave

A tank would help, remember, it’s about keeping your main killers alive. The tank is basically there to absorb a round of damage and then die. If he can do that for one round that usually means your other guys have at least one or two more attacks in them before biting the dust. When he dies, your healer (Oniwan, don’t remember the name) can come in for a heal, then leobolt after for a stun.

Basically it’d work like this: You damage one down, capture it, then poison eat each newcomer. Put someone that can accelerate in the front so you can poison eat faster. Use Strato to ultra-lightning whatever is there. Use coldheart to sleep kill the blurstrikes. He won’t do much damage per shot, but can get a lot of shots in while hasted.

Put stuff to sleep if you can, as that reduces the amount of damage you are taking. If you use one-on one with strato and have a tank with purify (the stegospine has this I think), he can wake everyone else up, and then you have a 4 on 1 for awhile.The megalorex also has one on one.

Another thing: Ultra-evolve the rest of your epics.

I went for the blurstrike first, then the dunkly. Seahowl was a different story since they were stun immune. The initial unevolved ones can be stunned. I tried putting them to sleep instead. 

Your starter will probably kill the water monsters in four hits with last stand, and the blurstrike in five if I’m not mistaken.

It takes a few tries to get it down.

Always try to catch the small ones even if you already have one. A 30% to catch them is better than fighting them. 

Wish I can help… I captured Seapup and Dunkleosis, but not Blurstrike yet.

I forgot how I did it…

Uh…they caught them already.

True, but people can still feel free to post their own strategies in this thread as a resource for other new players having trouble with the Forbidden Island epics.

Good job! I was fortunate and had a stegotops when I did my run, sorry the tank didn’t help much :slight_smile: