Drakion Got ls it good?

My second mythic monster ls it useful??

It’s my personal favorite mythic

Do you have it?

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Do I ever

If you don’t own Scarleguard it’s good, because its almost the same.

The two killer moves are different?? They each have their specific place, just similar moveset design

Lol I know right? Toxic/stun is not the same as sleep/protector.

Regardless, drak is great. The only regular mythic truly useful in second form.


Sakura is useful in its 2nd form imo

My first thought too, but then I read “regular mythic” and realised he had his back covered :wink:

I think he’s right saying Drakion is the only properly viable mythic of the regular 8. The others can work, but are nowhere near as good as their final forms. If Drakion didn’t have excessive force in 2nd form there’s no way we’d use him over a standard TK but he’s got two very useful passives that carry his limited moveset.


@Killerdog Voidress Slash Low damage.
It differs from the former only in secret skills.
Of course, 135tu is faster than 160

Oops, I thought they had the same moveset.:sweat_smile:

Thx Keoz