Does anybody still use Doomengine in PvP effectively? His extremely slow speed is driving me nuts.


I think doom would benefit from roaring entrance


Doom looks better than he is… his bomb works well when he ignores shield or hg. Maybe he need stun imune too


If he is B+ in PvP according to the universal standard (having the presumption that the team is built to support him) in your tier list (let’s just forget about individual ratings based on ability) I don’t see how he would be OP. B+ is B+ right? Nothing more nothing less. Still 4 tiers higher than him. I don’t think that is OP… That is simply…B+… Not even a bronze medal:)

Unless you are talking about the boost that would inadvertantly give him in PVE?

I really don’t want him to be a PvP beast. Just not such a dead weight.


Doom has won me a few games so I can’t dis him. He’s hard to deal with without quite a bit of luck


I’ve got 4 star monsters that have won me a few games.


On a serious note. How would u rate him in PvP? What kind of support do u give him? Stun absorbing protectors? What level are u battling at? Aka the strength of your apponents


If you battle at below say rank 1000 Doom will be a god :grin:


Lol, my stunfox is a God at that level


Doom needs a nice ss too


Yea it’s not like I win a lot but he’s always one of the hardest to kill. And his damage is insane. I use raizen and a stun protector


Im confused people do realise that not every legend is equal and some poor sucker will be bottom of the barrel it don’t mean it’s very bad it just means in the current meta it won’t be as effective as others you can’t make every legend s+ as lot of the time it depends on how The legend is utilised


With respect I’m confused. Who said anything about making Doom or any monster S+?


This is EXACTLY what the AI in PvE can’t handle. Putting stealth on top of the shield will make Doom totally ridiculous. I use Tenebris in my main PvE team and it embarrassing how badly the AI does against it.

Sorry if it was confusing me talking about him being B+. He’s down as D in PvP, literally the bottom. “B+” is where he’d be when you’re playing in the lower tiers of PvP (against weaker opponents) because there he actually has some use.

I tried to split the monsters out across the tiers far more than they were before. Hence B+ is actually a good rating. It’s right in the middle of the 9 tiers but it’s where monsters start having the potential to act as an S+ monster either when in the right team or in the right situation. That’s why you see monsters in there like Sanctistag and Albakhan who can do wonders but are a bit too slow/situational and don’t add enough to the team a lot of the time. Doomengine is far from B+!!

And yeah you’re totally right about any buffs to Doomengine having a huge effect to its performance in PvE. That’s typically the case with all cloning monsters because they will naturally be stronger for PvE as the AI can’t make careful targeting decisions like a human can. Hence, the focus of any changes/additions to Doomengine should always be his PvE balance. He’s the worst of the cloners for PvP and will always be that way just because of the design.


Now I fear the devs will make the AI smarter and then he will become an utter piece of crap

P.S. I kicked him out of my PvP team. I got more valuable 5 star monsters than him. He lasted less than 10 battles in my team. I gave up


If so, we can make a thread saying he’s been nerfed and get him a buff so he works in both PvE and PvP :wink: