Doctor Who

So I’m assuming we have Doctor Who fans here.

Twould be a real shame if I was the only one

Excuse me, my fanboy is showing

I never watched Doctor Who ( it is almost completely unknown in France ) but I watched Torchwood and really liked it !

Never would have guessed you for one deadpool! Well, I’m not a doctor who fan but I have friends who are. Ever heard of the doctor who convention?


I go by Deadpool. I like things that are crazy. I thought that wouldve been obvious

And why yes, yes I have :smiley:

Mr. Kat: you should watch it

I want to get into the show.  Haven’t figured out where to start though.

Just go onto Netflix, start with the Ninth Doctor and go from there.

That’s the best place to start because then you can get caught up to the 50th Anniversary!


Sweet thanks :smiley:

If you go any earlier, you’d have to spend at least three months on that stuff alone. At least with the new ones, you’ll be caught up



I’m somewhere… in the middle of series six. Not a fan of Amy Pond, so it’s taken me a while to get through. I did warm up to the Eleventh Doctor. AND SUNDAY CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH. I can’t wait to find out who Twelve is going to be! 

YES.   Anyone for a jelly belly?  I’m going to date myself here, but i started with the 4th doctor.  They also showed reruns of doctors 1-3 so i saw many of those episodes too.  Tom Baker was the best and if you venture into any earlier episodes on Youtube or Netflix or wherever, check out his seasons.  He had many of them.

For MANY, MANY years, anytime anyone mentioned Dr. Who, you immediately thought of Tom Baker’s long flowing scarf.  And a long flowing scarf was the sign of any true Whovian.  

That being said, I do love the new ones, but I missed some and got lost in the last season.   

I have never watched it. Actually that’s a lie. I have watched a few episodes, I remember one where they are trapped with civilians on a bus on a deserted planet which was reduced to dust by some flying Triassic looking things and they end up travelling into London but that’s the only one I remember. However, I feel that is soon going to change considering that:

a) I have actually wanted to watch it but have never been able to find the time
b) My girlfriend is an insane doctor who fan…like…I’m jealous of the Doctor. She doesn’t fan girl about me that much :L

So yeah, guess she’ll start me off with David Tennant because I like David Tennant, and then do something from there.

So the new Doctor is going to be Peter Capaldi.


Huh.  Well, I hope he’s better than Matt Smith.  But this guy doesn’t seem to be following the trend of The Doctor getting younger with each reincarnation.

I think that part was just a coincidence.

I’m honestly going to be happy to get away from puppy Doctor and go more serious.

Yes, he’s supposed to be naturally silly but there’s a point where its gets too silly

Yes, I totally agree with you.  

Have a jelly belly

We also know the valeyard between his 12th and final regeneration. Sooo, maybe this is the beginning of the valeyard?