So is anyone else in this forum into anime? :3

If not then i’ll just crawl back into the lonely hole I came out of, cursing the world until Hunter Island comes out…

Yeah, I’ve watched a few : Bokurano, because it is creepy as hell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, because you have to watch it, and Fairy Tail, because everyone loves at least one  lame anime : D

'Slaps Mr Kat’
Fairy Tail is darn amazing regardless of what anyone says
But I haven’t heard of Bokurano, so guess i’ll add it to my to-watch list :slight_smile:

I liked Baka no test, sword art online and stuff as well as daily life of highschool boys :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’d be possible to make a new monster thats just a pair of super kawaii eyes :confused:

Or a nekomimi

Yeah, I love Fairy Tail too, but let’s be honest, it is all about the power of friendship :3

Yugioh is based on the power of friendship, Fairy Tail is based on the power of pure epicness



Careful there

Anyway, I do watch Some anime

And friendship : P

Sure it’s epic as hell, but still, it would really be better without the whole friendship and pseudo philosophical crap

I’m a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, jiuyouseh, Rosario vampire and d gray man

I’ve read the D. Gray Man manga for a while. To be fair, in my opinion the anime started just fine, and then it took a weird turn and went full retard :confused:

Ever sense Pacific Rim, I have been interested in Mecha anime, does anyone have any recommendations?

Neon Genesis Evangelion of course, even though the philosophical parts are quite weird, but it still cool, and Gundam Seed of course : )

Alright cool thanks :smiley: I shall check those out!

Don’t forget about tengen toppa gurren lagann

Everyone here should watch Baccano! It’s so under appreciated.

Black butler, anyone?

Yes Sir Yes!

Oh I started watching Gundam Speed, pretty awesome!