Do monsters level from fighting?

Hi I played this game a year or 2 ago, and I am sure that monsters levelled from being in regular fights as well as training. Now it looks like they can only level through training. Can someone please clarify this for me.

Thanks in advance

Monsters can only be leveled throughout training using training points. After the initial 60 points you have on a monster you need, based on his rarity, fruits to get another 40 to 90 training points to have full stats on these monsters to be able to evolve them. It’s only possible on 100% trained neo monsters.

If you talk in general about leveling the players level this varies from event to event getting XP after completing fights

I believe in the previous game, Hunter Island, it was possible to train monsters through battles. By looking at your forum account here it looks like you played this game so you’re probably confusing yourself by remembering Hunter Island.

Yeah you are probably right. Thank you