Didn't know exploding last is counted as lost

In pvp, opponent has don & typhonwyrm, I had bouldon left. I thought explodign last will be counted as a win if it managed to kill all opponent’s arks. Pls clarify. Or was it a bug that i faced?

U faced the bug

so it should ended up as a win for me?

Yep , alot of players expierenced this bug including me lol. Getting the defeat when u shouldve got a won

Yes I know this bug… Just confirming that exploding at the end is a win…

I misunderstood u but i think ur loss isnt a bug then… Because ur ark was the first to die leaving u with nothing as first

Ok, looks like I’m not the only one! thank goodness! I just had 3… yup 3!!! master rank battles in a row where i had 2-3 guys left and WON THE MATCH, but each counted as a defeat and demoted me… :angry: . hopefully its just a bug they can fix and not some weird hack some people have.

Actually exploding last is definitely a LOSS!!! IF you have one ark and they have two, and you explode, YOU LOSE!!! Now the bug is if you end a game with an explosion BUT you have more than one ark, and beat his team, it shows a loss…

For me i had no ëxplosion stuff going on. The opponent would have 1-2 guys left and i would have 2-3. I would use a normal AOE move and beat his team (should be win!!) but 3 times in a row gave me defeat. that’s almost 1000 diamonds lost, 30 tickets, and the highest streak i ever had (7, i know not that good but still) it got me demoted :frowning:

I know of the bug, I wasn’t complaining about it as I’ve had many of them again & know an update is coming. I was only confirming if we use explode to kill all enemy’s ark & that leaves no ark for me & my opponent, is that counted as a loss or a win because I got a loss.

Its a loss 

As for the many replies above it seems to be a loss then :stuck_out_tongue: Think carefully next time before u detonate 

I’d like to put in my two cents.

I used a minespider (last ark) to kill three arks my oponnent had, and i  received the win. This was a few weeks ago, but I am curious to know if we could get a for sure confirmation. So far people are really only voicing their opinions that it should be a loss, but I’m not seeing anyone state. I tested this x times and won/loss y times. Maybe i cuaght a bug for the better but if you manage to deal damage based on a stack rotation, depending on the games’ logic it could be a viable strategy to obtain wins or at least a desperate attempt at a win…

Lol I can imagine the rage of other players losing because the opponent exploded his last ark…

That was my exact first thought, but then told myself… “Never underestimate the minespider… MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaaaaaaa!” Quite literally he just left it there and ignored it.