777 diamond glitch

So me and my brother have beaten the game farmed monsters and we wanted to fight each other when we fought i won but for some reason it gave me 777 diamonds we didn’t know if it was a bug or what so tried again and it did it again idk if this is known or if in the future update we will be banned cause of this if anyone has any info on this please reply

You get 777 diamonds the first time you win against a friend within a 24 hour time period.

So yeah…777 diamonds every day, with each friend. If I have 72 friends, I can win a total of 72 X 777 diamonds in a day.

Edit: whoa, whoa, whoa. You won twice and got 777 diamonds twice? Or did your bro win the second time?

I won twice and got it so idk if its a glitch i can try again see if it happens again?

Yes, please do. That should not be happening.

You should only get 777 once a day when battling a friend.

We battled twice and i won both times got 777 the first one second time it said i won but he got the 777 diamonds instead

It’s likely that you were both disconnected at the end, giving both of you the win. Since you already won, you didn’t get extra diamonds. Since he won for the first time, he got 777 diamonds. There is no glitch with diamonds.

The glitch that causes both of you to lose connection which results in a double-win is a known glitch. They’re working on it now.

So don’t worry n.n

This would be a glitch in ur favor if u manage to get the 777 diamonds always

Alright thanks!