Devs please stop making this mistake.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Dragulus is not limited.

What . I spent gems on this banner … thought dragulus was a limited monster.

Ye I checked. Drax isn’t a limited mythic . It’s available in rare egg pool.
Devs , you misled me into spending gems… Wth men !


This is a perfect way for some spenders to awaken this specific mythic. It is your fault for not catching up. Anyways, I also wish it was a limited mythic, also when are we getting an event where we have a confirmed legendary or above, devs?

That wan’t my point at all lol.

My point was false advertising. Drax is not a limited mythic.

I need a refund. I could have used my gems on an actual limited mythic…

Ugh, not this again. If everyone gets refunded all the gems they spent on this egg I will be very unhappy yet again -_-

No just spend gems and be happy when you get them back.

I don’t know about u guys but I want a refund… I’m sad I spent all my gems on a misled banner !

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Spent 88 gems my self I want mine back!!!

Thank you for pointing this out, it has now been rectified.
We be sending out compensation gems to all players on Monday for this issue.

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@Dev_BRD thank you I appreciate the acceptance of responsibility when errors are made.

Thanks @Zardecil . You are a life saver for bringing this into our notice. Without you , I would have been a noob who used gems on a non limited mythic !