Dev request

Please for the love of God increase the max team cost from 206 to 208… I have no idea where 206 came from, but 208 is the cost of a full team of legendaries without special moves, which makes a lot more sense to me than 206, which seems fully arbitrary.

The point of 206 is so that you have to use SEs. Otherwise we could just spam legends.


I think having the 206 limit , although is frustrating, forces players to be creative with the use of super epics rather then just throwing in all their legendarys in one team.


Use 15 Legends and Super Aegis and you’re good :ok_hand::+1:

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This limit is WITHOUT special moves though, and really, who’s gonna run a team with legendaries that don’t use special moves in it? And it’s one super epic that the limit difference is enforcing; really not much of a difference between 16 legends and 15 legends plus 1 super epic. It’s simply frustrating how little sense the number seems to make, and how often a team will go over the limit by only one or two points. I think this is because mathematically, 206 is arbitrary relative to the costs of monsters.

There are SE’s out there who are better than some legendaries anyway. Jackal in sleep teams, Cobra in poison teams, searguard is pretty lethal, as is Robinator in the FL. Also there’s always the option of Diamonoid/ goldoid leaving room for SSs too :blush:


Game should go back to 173