Deathstroke and Boss Fights

Today I finished chapter 5 hell mode and I was actually surprised that Raizen (awakened) was killed by my Arborgias’ Deathstroke. Since Death Revenge, Ankoudragon’s Eternal Revenge and other death moves don’t work on bosses, I’m curious why it worked this time. Is Deathstroke different? Or are there just some constraints when death moves work on bosses (in my case Raizen’s HP were already below 25%)?


That’ll change in the next update :joy:

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Dammit Barnhart! :shushing_face: :joy:

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Tardi Cannon worked on the Bovoclus super boss but it only took off about 1/3 of its health instead of killing it like it should.

That’s because tardie deals damage that doesn’t ignore shield before the death sentence is triggered. Since the “death sentence” doesn’t work against the first ones only the damage is registered, which is legit. Death wish works the same way except it ignores shield and then triggers the death sentence. If your deathwish hits peng that has overwatch in pve, peng will get 1 more turn before it dies :joy:

Tardi cannon does not do a guaranteed kill, it just does very high damage.

Actually it does both, as i stated before. Whenever i use tardies skill against shielded monster it’ll say “miss” but they die anyway. I’m guessing the reason a boss doesn’t die because the move is split to two sections: damage and death sentence

You’re sure the Tardi Cannon kills something guaranteed? The skill description doesn’t say that…