Count lector's shadow arena 17~jan

Anyone clear the third one it seems too long

Second one?

I gave up on the last mission because I did not have a sense of being clear at all.

Heck of second one when you stealth revan and in second turn of arma stealth himself he not absorb stun and everyone immune of stun
Try this
When the cat do stun brust
Or i think its a bug

Guys i have 3 gems and I need two gems for hatch a egg
Please tell me how to beat 3 to get two 2 gems i can only play for one hour only thats why i want to ask?

My new YouTube channel or video of cleared expert challenge

it says the video doesn’t exist.

Sorry my mistake
I change the link
Please like or share when you enjoy it

cant watch that video :frowning:

2nd and 3rd challenge tips? Im stuck :frowning:

Make sure to make your revenarchion alive at the 1st turn and shivadragon using crescendo strike. Do timestrike 2 times to make dragaia at killing range before setting the stealth teammate at armavolt. After that, do cannibalize at revernarchion so dragaia cannot be at last bite range. Make sure you get the 400 second at lavamane and set hi damage crescendo strike and keeping everyone alive, the you are near certain set to finish the 2nd challenge

Hey how did you beat the third challenge, any tips?

I think you need to use poison siphon instead of double repulse, don’t worry about the moji, it only uses purify

yeah but at one point it’s impossible to keep oak alive after using bomb

You have to double repulse the moji and godfeather so that you can bomb the poison killers.

Still says that it doesn’t exist.

I can’t keep oak alive in time to dr gf and moji and bomb the 4 bulls. :frowning:

Battle 2 -

Batlle 3 is hard :frowning:
To keep oak alive i use hp sharing and life flip all for the 400sec mon
Than stealth on hp sharing monster we cant lose hm
Than i use heal all with the water monster but i always lose oak litlle sec before i could explode …

I figured out the last one. Video coming soon

Did the last one too, dont remember too well but You need to keep oak alive by using all you got, life flip all/heal all.
I ended with haniwell killing the last bull, dont know about the other maybe they did it on a diferent way