Connecting Forever

Since a few months I had an issue which happens irregulary and is a bit annoying but usually not a big deal.

The problem: Sometimes it tries “Connecting to the server” forever (why is there no timeout?). This happens for example if I enter the online section. The only way to stop this is to restart the app.

This just happened to me when I tried to enter a door at the showdown tower. So I restarted the app. The result: 15 lost tickets (not a big deal) and a reseted win streak (I am pretty pissed cause of this!)

That sucks dude :disappointed:, are you playing with a stable connection? If you are using a wi fi connection try to use the 2.4Ghz band it’s far more reliable than the 5Ghz one despite the fact that the 5Ghz it’s faster, if you are using a cellular network stay in places where you know you don’t lose the connection.

I have a stable connection. When this issue happened before everything else (e.g. browser) worked fine and neo monsters was still trying to connect.
If I remember correctly, this issue happened only with a wifi connection.