Comprehensive guide to PvP - by eddSter

Hi all, I have decided to post a guide to PvP that even dummies can follow. I really love this game. So, I want to improve the overall PvP quality in this game. I personally enjoy long battles that requires player’s skill - and yes, I despise stego/charca users. So without further adieu, here is the things you guys should be looking for in PvP.

The reason I’m posting guide: Too often I see people with far better arks than me in PvP and they lose to me too easily. If we had equal level of understanding in the game, I should lose 100% of the time to these people. Why? Simply, because my arks are weaker and therefore SHOULD lose.

1. Understand the TU: If your opponent has 3 monsters A B and C and C has a TU of 300 and the others are somewhere in the 100, then you should kill monsters A and B. C is not an immediate threat to you, since it won’t be attacking soon. However, there will be some cases where you might want to kill C. Ie. A = chopperbug that has already scramble, B = halopard and C = Omega. There are many other cases that you have to consider, but you should get the idea with this.

2. Know the arks: make sure you know the TYPE of the arks, so you can use bane skills effectively. Countering arks is the key to ONE SHOT  your opponent arks. Ie. Vegicat = beast and Snowja = humanoid. Also make sure you know the arks’ passives. Ie. Raioh = stunskin.

3. Plan a strategy: a strategy can only take you so far, simply because it is limited to the arks you currently have. Therefore plan a strategy with your best arks (best doesn’t mean most powerful arks) that have some kind of synergy together. Plan a strategy that COULD potentially counter your opponent’s strategy. Make sure you use SUPPORT arks, support arks will decide weather you win or lose a battle, most of the time.

My list of some current OP arks that if you have, you MUST use (1: being the most OP):

1. Shadowstalker (SS): a smart player using scapegoat is very hard to defeat. Specially with an ark giving defense boost. ie. the famous team of chopperbug + SS

2. Stego: Stego + hasters is REALLY annoying. A smart user should be able to kill at least 3 to 4 arks before you can get to kill his/her stego. ie. stego + gremknight.

3. MineSpider (MS): suiciding 1 ark for 3. The math is pretty good. Make sure it appears after they are stunned or after a tank. ie. they kill chopperbug and MS is next.

In my opinion, you must have at least three of these support arks in your line-up (especially because they are easy to catch):

1. Chopperbug : scramble is PRETTY good. Bolster is a good skill as well. Its stun skin is amazing. Timestrike a water type is not too shabby.

2. Gremknight: Knockback and haste are incredibly strong. Stun skin + timestrike are bonuses.

3. Halopard: my favourite support ark. Reinforce + haste + offering. It doesn’t get any better than that… oh wait… it does… it has brilliance skill, which can help you kill some shadow arks.

4. Raioh: haste + stunskin + stun gift. Amazing skills. Raioh is much better in any situation compared to its ‘upgrade’ Raijin. It also has ally spark which is pretty strong when you have other wind arks next to Raioh.

5. Knighthawk: Much like halopard, except it doesn’t have offering. But it has wanebreak which lower 2 opponent arks defenses + guardian. It is a pretty good support, if used smart.

Honourable mentions: Pegasion (I really love pegasion), Luxknight, Angelon, Kentucky and Snowtag.

My Various line-ups since day 1 to now:

I was very hesitant to make my current line-up public simply because I didn’t want to face my own team in PvP. Specially because it is rather unique and I wanted to keep it that way. I have NEVER seen anyone open a line-up like me in my +1500 games of PvP, except ONE player. Also, my end-line-up is unique and I have never seen anyone use it. I don’t want people to copy me, but what the heck, I will make it public anyways for educational purposes. On a side note, my line up has been constantly changing, and yours should be too. Everytime I get a better ark, then I upgrade my line up. As of right now, I don’t own a SS, stego, destructor, mossgolem or minespider, so my line up would definitely change if I had them. So, if you are like me and you don’t have these VERY strong arks, I suggest you to look at mine.

March 3rd (EDIT): Took out my line up for now because I have obtained better arks after I created this thread.

I was in Masters with a team of non-OM arks for a very long time. It is quite possible and rather easy, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t even have an OM ark, you CAN be in masters and beat dummies with better arks than you -  I have beaten teams where my opponent had Kami (check my thread out: I started doing OM missions when golderhorn was being given out. I believe it was week 7. I have to say that once I got golderhorn, I was REALLY happy. Golderhorn made a HUGE different in my line up back then (obviously I used it differently). And I instantly improved my winrate. Then I got pegasion and snowja, both which I used for a period of time. Not a fan of snowja at the moment, but pegasion… I really love - its send back ability is really good, just got to use it very smart. I just took it out of my line-up when I got vegicat (I got the diamonds for vegicat today… in a 38 win-streak once I started using vegicat I also used luxknight for the longest time ever, I recently took it out of my line up because I got better arks to put in my line up. Luxknight is amazing simply because it can tank + one-shot any shadow ark. I won’t go into detail about my current line up, because it can be played in MANY different ways.

I strongly believe that a team with SS has a REALLY good advantage over a team that doesn’t have it. So if a team beats you when they have a SS, they are supposed to beat you. So, really… don’t feel bad. I feel really good when I beat teams that have SS + Mossgolem. I feel even better if they have destructor + minespider. And I feel even much better if I beat abusers using the stego/charca team. Oh yeah… it also feels good when you beat people using Kami.

My personal tips, aside from the ones already given:

1.Don Penguini: Take him out of your line up once you have better arks. In all honesty, the Don is not really good vs players that know what they are doing.

2. Arkwing + haste is really STRONG. His tail wish will take out many arks if used smart. I think anyone has Arkwing at this point, which is why I’m talking about this ark.

3. Starters: Tremorback + Dreadwolf are bad for PvP.

4. Puffoxin: not really as good as you think.

5. Metallodious: sometimes you will use watervoid, even when you don’t need the water protection. You are doing it to get an ark out and be able to use its skills before being hit.

6. Shadow arks: don’t use too many in your team. Holy arks are very popular in PvP (at least in Masters). Quite ironic I say this… because in my line up I don’t have a single shadow ark hitter except for my Angelon. In masters, I think 90% of players have SS. So, be careful using shadow arks.

7. Orcow + Skullwraith : Only use it if you have a SS and you are 100% you can use this combo. Otherwise take this out of your line up.

8. Don’t group similar types of arks together. Unless you know what you are doing and why you are doing it and if you have a counter for their counter.

9. Halopard: if you can only use one skill before it dies, in most cases I would use reinforce over haste. It really depends on the situation. Think smart.

I will add more if I remember more.

Hope this guide helps dummies and master players alike. I hope that the quality of public PvP improves.

Feel free to ask any questions or advices here.

Why do you use plasmorex? In my opinion it’s rather easy to beat. I guess it’s s rank for you right? It does come handy when it goes nuts and throw 4 BAs, other than that, it’s too easy to be slaughtered

Well done

Not rather easy to beat by any means, but it can sometimes be one-shotted by the common SS. Sometimes it takes 2 shots to kill by SS, not to mention meta can decoy and it might not even die. And yes, it is S rank.

Main 5 reasons I use him:

1- Acid body

2- Can 1 shot common support arks such as chopper or gremknight

3- it is relatively speaking fast ark

4- It is strong

5- Currently, I don’t have a better ark to replace him with.

Even if it dies without doing much dmg, I don’t mind. If SS 1 shot kills him (which happens sometimes, I’d say 20% of the time), then SS will get acid bodied. So, I don’t mind.

so you think i need to use stego in my team?  I currently don’t use it at all…?

Definitely. Put it together with a haster such a gremknight and you have stego taking out 2 arks out of battle easily. Also, I wouldn’t be counting too much BA for the future, but currently stego gets a lot of BAs… there is nothing worse than a stego getting BAs. Like I said in my this thread, if you use the smart way, you can take 3 or 4 arks before it dies.

Stega will be nerfed and I would recommend learning and building without it. Good work here though! Would love to see the overall quality of pvp raised hopefully this helps…

Nice guide! n.n

Yes, vegitiger is an amazing monster. Anyways, I do recall facing a similar lineup in masters, but the person DCed about a third of the way through.

Oh, and regardless of BAs, it has been officially confirmed that Stegospike will be changed/nerfed in the update.

I still don’t get it, I was hoping this change would not happen. Stego is a great ark just the way it is.

It is not overpowered by any means unless you get like 4 BAs in a row, but then again if it happens with Omegawyrm it is a massive destruction.

So why not nerf Omegawyrm as well?

Same goes for Destructor, Arkwing and other strong arks.

Stego on it’s own is a pure bet. It might come in before the opponents vegitiger, omega, arkwing and it can go down easily without making a single move.

They will make stego completely useless because the only move it has is Stun, since its AOE is pretty useless.

As long as there is a cap on TU when you get stunned, there is no reason why nerf Stego.

A guaranteed stun attack that costs half as many TU as it stuns while hasted is more than a problem.

The devs are most likely boosting stats or adding other moves to stego. Thy wouldn’t want it i become a Kentucky.

I costs 200 TU for a 250 stun, not always you are able to haste it and as I said before, very often my stego gets killed without making a single move.

A massive AOE from Omega with haste would also cause a lot of damge for 100 and so TUs, so should we nerf omega too?

Ahahahaha. You know what’s funny? I said pretty much the same thing :wink:

Props to you, sir! n.n

You’re completely right, and there are many monsters that are WAAY more OP than a simple Stego. By taking away his stunning abilities, he is absolutely useless.

However, they will have to change it so that it can do something else. Idk, we’ll have to wait and see. Besides, it’s not our say. If it was my way, the entire OM would be revamped (I posted it here) in order to get rid of inequality, and monsters would be balanced. But hey, what can we do?

I read your post about the OM and completely agree with you. I can time eggs so I have all the OM arks, but it is pretty frustrating to go all the way and not get the reward.

Specially when you are into PVP, it is so important to be able to have access to the OM arks.

I’m sure that most people are judging Stego for the stun teams and for the amount of BA you can get in a row.

But none of those things are its fault.

Same goes to Charca. If there’s a cap on the amount of TU’s after stunning, Charca would also be fine the way it is.

I think the only thing that need to be addressed is the fact that there is no effective Mysticbane that can damage Shadowstalker.

Even the strongest tanks in the game can go down with two hits, but not SS.

Charca isn’t fine the way it is… A haste can make it get another attack before pretty much every ark you could send in. Make it’s attack cost more TU and then it is fine

That’s part of the strategy and can be countered very easily.

What about a shadowstalker with its stats boosted? It is a freaking nightmare to kill it.

Vegitiger with haste is also very powerful as well as a lot of other monsters.

What you are saying does not make sense as haste is part of the strategy and it is your job to find a way to counter it.

When a strategy can not be countered or the chances of countering it are very small, then you have an issue.

The odds of you not having any chance to attack before Stego gets hasted and can hit are very small.

It seems to me that people are getting to lazy to think while playing and want all the monster to be equally strong so you just AOE all the way through and may the best one win.

Just to mention, I can easily beat a team with stego as well as I can get defeated having stego on my team.

I never had any real trouble playing agains stego unles it gets 4 BAs, but then its not its fault.

People use Shadowstalker and like 5 stunners before they bring out the stego/charca combo…? So unless you have a gremknight survive long enough to knock them all back you will be stunned to at least 300 TU per ark before the strategy starts…?

But don’t you agree that if there was a cap on the amount of TU’s after you get stunned the problem is solved?

I don’t think it would be hard to constantly keep all arks at that limit. So it wouldn’t make a difference.

I agree on this :slight_smile:
Say if the cap is 300 then it wouldn’t be that many people using stego&char combo, it’s when the TU becomes somewhere like 700 that makes it unable to change the situation. By all means I don’t think the stego&char abusers would like a TU cap either. Why waste seven arks but hopefully only take out one or two from the opponent? No way. But that’s actually why they are called abusers: with stego&char now, you sacrifice seven arks and get a 90% rate of guaranteed win to the opponent. I also have stego&char on my bench. But I never used them because if one is playing with a real person, what would the other person think when his team is stunned for 10 minutes and all he can do is to tap the screen before iPhone locks itself and then watch himself lose? I don’t want to put up with that nor do I want to use it against others.

That’s just my opinion, but anyways, I think you idea could make a change. Happy pvping! :slight_smile: