Community Tournament: The Beritus Argvel Trophy #1 THE PICTURE AND VIDEO THREAD

To all participants: Purpose of this thread is to collect Videos and team pictures from the tournament. If possible, it would be great if you could capture your battles, upload them to youtube and post a link to those battles in this thread.

Also I would like to ask you to post pictures of the teams you have built once the group stage is over. Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:


For those of you wondering how to record on Android, I recommend this app. It’s free and can record in 60FPS at 1080p. It’s what I use for my videos. My frame rate drops slightly sometimes but that’s just because my phone is being stretched by the game’s PvP + recording at the same time.

Internal audio recording is not possible on any Android app so either record with sounds of your frustrated outbursts at mistakes you make, add some music in a video editor before YouTube or put it up as silent.

It would be great to have as many of the matches recorded from one of the sides as possible!

I have a app like that for iPhone. But have no idea how to upload to YouTube nor do I have a channel to upload too

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Okay, in that case for anyone without a YouTube channel I will be happy to host your videos on my channel and you can message me to organise sending them. I can add music, leave them as they are or add my own commentating on them as you please.


It’s called record it. Just search screen recording in App Store. Looks like this. I’ve only used it once but it looks good to me.


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First battle 1 team.

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This was the team.

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Shoulda added moji on the end :raised_hands:t2: Strong team

To all participants: Now that the group stage is over: Please post the teams you used in this thread. Please also add the restriction you had in mind when building this team.

Also if you should have recorded your battles, now is the time to upload it :slight_smile:

@Killerdog thanks in advance bro :grin:

I deleted one of my teams

Forfeit :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Here’s my video of all three matches I had in the group stage, with commentary. Thanks for the matches @LemonSqueezy @Xyzencross @LDN_Raghnius

My teams:



LemonSqueezy’s team (1):

Xyzencross’ team (2):

LDN Raghnius’ team (3):

The other videos are going to come out once a day from here on.

^As can be seen in the above thumbnail. @Xyzencross @LDN_Raghnius
Big thanks to Xyzencross for recording this and sending it to me. @Xyzencross next time send it to me directly because I think me taking it from Line gave me a worse quality version.

Xyzencross’ team (1):

LDN Raghnius’ team (1):

For anyone with screenshots of their teams or videos made of their battles please post them here so they can be added to the Community tournament records thread I just wrote!

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Thanks much KD :grin: