Change monsters in battle

I’m pretty new to this game and i would like to ask if it is somehow possible to change monsters in a battle.

Nope. Sorry.

But there will be a monster introduced with a move known as Sendback…so you can just send a bunch of your monsters back if you really, REALLY want a certain monster out…though it really doesn’t matter…

You can get it in eggs ATM. White pony. It’s called Pegasion, and it’s a very strategic 9-star monster. Great against a few powerful strategies.

Or just wait for the other  arkadions to get killed.

Monsters…arkadions…Same thing, really. n.n

I didn’t said it was bad:P I just highlighted it :stuck_out_tongue:

Suuuure. n.n

You can do it outside of battles you dont have to be in town, just go to your party and use the arrows to move your arks around