Champion fight redoable?

I’ve beaten the four trainers that appeared after the last league. So now I am able to face the grand champion.

I was wondering if I lose does it just let you try again or do you only have one chance? I never lost in any of the leagues so no idea what happens if defeated by a offline story trainer.

Don’t worry, you always have an unlimited amount of chances in the offline story. Good thing too, because Beritus is one tough cookie.

Good. I think it was pure luck I managed the top four without dying.

They’re no Elite Four

Ok. Defeated him first try. I expected him to be a bit tougher than that. Still had a few monsters spare.

The next battle is hard though. Although I do fully agree with the moral point made by the enemy.

Nearly did it but got put to sleep and the main one used that skill to heal himself via my monsters dreams. I can’t remember the name of the skill.

Ha, true dat.

dreamhunt,yes its powerful skill .there are 3 monster that are best,oniblade,goldtail and wraithcaptain .


Best for? The battle? I have none of those.

He means sleep monsters with dreamhunt.

I beat Beritus with 2 monsters on hg. & I beat attahasis with 3 monsters on hg!


Hold ground passive :slight_smile:

Wow,really?I must admit some Mon are way cooler than the others,but 2?I’m very shocked.I believe you but can you name these awesome Mon?
Love to have those

I don’t see how hg will save your monsters given the amount of times he summons new monsters and their annoying attacks as well as his.

Well I only beat it with my fl, hahaha, and hg is especially useful for desperate doubles mons like mine, hahhaa, the goldirels were food for my galvbane to charge up blood crave which killed hime after like 2 or 3 hits and a desperate double from my gaiakaizer to finish the remaining mons. :slight_smile:

Vegikhan & viridizaurus
Vegikhan, virudizaurus & bloodblade

I have vegikhan and bloodblade. They only last so long. I honestly cannot see how you can last with only two hold grounds. Even with a protect focus to take some of the hits it didn’t make much difference. The main dude hardly takes damage and then there’s the multiple summons he does repeatedly.

Not sure how I’m supposed to beat this boss.

Fl? Sorry, I don’t know all the monster names I’m afraid.

FL means frontline (4 starting monsters at battle) sorry if baby L looked like a big I, hahahaha, its ok, you’ll know them eventually. :slight_smile:

You must have super buffed monsters to beat him with only the first four. Or legendaries.

Nah they weren’t buffed, just ultra evolved, gaiakaizer takes care or atrahasis’ poison gas by purifying so it will prevent a poison massacre then I think I have Seasteed as an accelerator then Blightwyrm as the 4th for additional damage. Once Atrahasis summons those 2 goldirel, galvbane made food out of them for a charged bloodcrave which took about 4-5 hits before atrahasis died and the rest of the monsters were wiped out. I think I used seasteed’s stun burst to bring out a 5th mon, I think was Jingledrake so yeah, enough time to have survivor from pyrokaizer and blightwyrm charged and dual confident strike from jingledragon to  wipe out the rest. galvbane was just the prime lead. :slight_smile:

I have none of those monsters you just mentioned. :confused:

I’ve tried various different teams and still can’t beat him.