Can't play PvP anymore

Hi guys, I’ve been playing PvP since it was released but a few days ago when i created a new save game it stopped from working. I can play online mission but when i try PvP the Game Center app opens with a blank screen. Someone knowing how to fix that?:frowning:

Put it under the pinned bug thread

Yes, I’m familiar with this.

When you open the game, play around for a bit. In less than a couple minutes, it should say “Welcome Back, _GC ID_”

Then you can play PvP…otherwise, restart your app by force-closing it and re-launching the app (this does NOT mean deleting anything). Once you are logged into Gamecenter on the game, you will be able to play PvP.

I managed to get Game Center Back to work after i restarted my iPhone but now i found myself at the first PvP grade from master. Not a big deal but when i search for a play it keeps searching without finding anyone (almost a day passed until now and i tried many times). Any advice?:frowning:

Maybe there is just nobody there?

It happens that I have to wait for a duel… But i went from max 10 minutes to 2 days of no duels found. It doesn’t look normal to me actually and without PvP this game fun ends soon… So any advice please on how to resolve my problem?:frowning: