Can't find spot for side quest

I am just trying to clear some side quests, so I am supposed to find the fusion arkadion near the bridge (which is broken?) in the north-west of Arborun. I visited every spot several times, but there are only fights against usual arkadions. Could someone please point me to the right direction?


When you leave Arborun, follow the coast south like 1 step and then start heading west. you will reach a broken bridge. and i beieve the fusion monster is on the southern portion of said bridge.

Attached a photo its either the south portion i am on or the north portion

I can confirm that the correct location is shown, I just completed that quest yesterday.

I feel quite stupid, I thought I had checked all the spots around the bridge twice, but I just have missed this one. Thanks for your help.

no worries glad we got you there =D

I’m having a weird problem with this quest. I completed a Gaiawyrm quest in this spot and now if I try to go back to complete the fusion Arkadion quest, the spot the character is standing on and the spot below that do not show up and I cannot move to them. Any advice?