Can't Find Quest Well + Recipe Question

So there’s a quest at the end of the desert in the town called Darandal. The quest’s name is “Most Precious Liquid” and it asks you to defeat bandits occupying the untainted well southwest of Darandal. I’ve searched all over the desert region, and can’t find the well that they’re talking about. Is this a glitch or am I just dumb?

Additionally, I heard that the recipe for Raijin where you fuse 4 raioh comes from this town but this is the last quest that I have for the town and I still don’t have the recipe yet. Is this true or does the recipe come from somewhere else? Thanks in advance for the help.

if you go around the mountains to the south along the southern border of the mountains (heading east)is an oasis (green patch with blue lake) between desert and mountains.

I have finished that quest, and have not received that fusion recipe yet so not sure where it comes from sorry.

i finished all available quest till darandal, in sholai i dont get any quest - what am i missing?