I was shocked by the fact that the old monster in two months since the cryogolem was caniswyrm.

Shocked in a good or a bad way? And why?

I have never seen this monster in pvp, and the skills are ambiguous to use.

But every player needs one protect focus .
This is really a good monster for every team.
I like it and especially since this protector is shadow type :slight_smile:

mhm i’m not sure about this… never seen a protect focus in pvp… And in pve people use protect focus monsters just to knock back…

Gearcroc would be a better reward :confused: it seems we have to wait some more time to get him. He is the last event monster that i don’t have and i really want…

He’s terrible and my first event monster. Not happy to see him again I would love to see willo and chimeraxus coming back since I don’t have them and were release way before cani and cryogolem.

those won’t be coming back probably being that their moveset is hatchable. Does anyone know the timeline for when event monsters were introduced?

They’re still far better than cani.

I want gearcroc too,he seems good and also cryogolem,the first time I faced him,I didn’t knew about fury mode AND desperate double and I think you can guess what happened :slight_smile:
But a good def is really every one need and I think light and shadow are better Mon for this def,(most player have other element leg Mon as attack)
BTW,you are right about reward,it could be better

As a collector speaking, I’m actually very happy to see Canis back in a way where I can work to achieve it without the use of gems. Caniswyrm may not be an excellent monster right now, but I wasn’t around when it was initially released and any new monster is a good monster in my eyes. I think we all would have been much happier if Canis only took, say, 15 wins in Survival of the Fittest to get, and a better monster like Gearcroc was offered as the 30 win reward. Overall though, I’m very happy it’s back, I can’t get enough of its fluffy design.