Can someone help me with a mision

Hi guys! I was wandering if someone can help me with my line up to beat “The Spear-Shield Paradox” i have been stuck there for a long time, please help

I really really hope you are not a lawyer irl

Don’t worry my friends of a Neo Group help me to make the line up

I don’t remember his line up but all the khanate “scum” after shattered skies was cleared by my purpie which I got frome the ultimate challenge. First I just killed the problem monsters (anti-stun) and used stun-bombers; then enters purpie using gene recomposition and blood-clone next (to counter revenge passives) and then used the delta super beam. If you don’t have purpie, then you better use dreadgar with a give-turner, a protector and stealther to maximize dread’s kills.
For any strong advises, attach your monsters’ list view and the enemies line up’s screenshots.

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Sorry again ! I realised too late that it’s an old thread. Better lock old threads or ban me :worried:

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