But Why 3am UTC @Dev_VKC

@Dev_VKC I’m curious as to why you guys chose 3am UTC as the time that things reset?

For those who are not aware, this is not just for Balancion trials but for a bunch of things in Neo.

It’s such a random time of day, I’d just like to know what the reasoning behind it is.

In the meantime, everyone else in the forum, feel free to add your theories in the comments below.

Both realistic and obviously wrong answers are welcome.

maybe they have more foreign ppl players and this time would be better?

But why 3am in that particular time zone?

3am UTC is The equivalent of midnight in a particularly unpopulated strip of the globe


I wanted to say maybe because in Japan its an ok hour but not it’s 4 am so idk lol

Yeah PvP was 6am UTC before as well as many other events…now everything is 3am UTC :confused:

3 am UTC is 12:00 in Japan . Most likely that ? So if any problem occurs in new events , they would be ready to fix it cos it’s their working hours ?

In India it’s 8 30 am so when I wake up some kind of content will pop up

i think because zigzag game servers actually belong in japan.
that’s why their developer address is in tokyo
3 am is 12 pm in japan, and is common work hours after lunch
and more than that, i think there are no particular reason for it
they choose that time because it is flexible according to japan times

why they don’t make it 12 hours after we finished some particular events?
because it will take more codes and more risk to get some bugs. (and more loads in their servers)

AND you guys should know there are differences when the codes is implemented via server and only via application.
When they put it via server no one can tinker it with 3rd app or something else (because it’s connected to their personal server)

and if they only put the codes in the app itself, there are some risk people can tinker it via 3rd app or just pure open it from android studio.

and if i remember you can abuse neo mon time system in the past. like you can change the dates in your phone to next day and you can play that event again and again without waiting.

and someone report it, then they make precaution like this one


A couple of people said it already… it’s quite obvious when you think about it. Midday in Japan, where they work. This means they have an amount of time in the day they’re working both before and after the event release so they can fix things / make changes on either side if necessary.

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@Phoebe you have some really good insights I wish you would post more around here

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I thought all of your wish would be around GALVBANE :wink:

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He still dreams of triggering DR with Cannibalize/Backstab

lol i thought my time was utc


Well it happens to coincide exactly with midnight in my time zone… s’pose assuming a significant portion of their playerbase is in the US, it can feel properly like an overnight change.