Buff Jasmine

I have created this post to ask GF Jasmine for a buff, which is why:

  • Reasons

It is a legendary that absorbs stun but unlike other stun absorbers it does not have a speed that allows it to play, many times at the beginning of a game it is stunned and reaches 600 sec since it is too slow

  • Solutions

Make her counter-paralyze or increase its standard speed

It’s fine as it is right now it’s not for attacking its for support

Now I don’t speak for the majority but I think she is balanced

She is not balanced
All stun absorb have a standart speed and she is too much slow
And the other thing
She is not support because she have 2 attack habilities if she was a support take off those abilities and make she completely support

One real support monster is Momo
He dont have any attack habilities except awake

Support for another G.F. .

She has crazy high defence (and low attack) and despite that her Vigor moves still oneshot. She provides Stun Protection to G.F. teams, has a 80sec Stealth All move and her G.F. move is a multiple-use Shield All.

Why should she have Stun Counter? Stun Counter means she’d be weak to Raizen, Dolphreeze, Chromera, Raizen etc… She is perfect now.


Actualmente es debil a Dolphoenix,Nulltron,Galvbane,also Raizen and a few other
I didnt say make her counter like only solution but at least up her speed

All GF have 40 or more % its a joke the only can absorb stun be the slowest one

Stun Absorbers are weak to Timestrike/Timestrike Double, but if there weren’t Stun Absorbers in your team ALL your team would be weak to Timestrike/Timestrike double.

Very true… Also her passive is unlike the other GFs which affects only Garden fairy.
Here are a few ideas which might balance her in some ways:

  • Change stun absorber to stun bisector or just increase its speed

  • Increase the healing amount per move(approx 500hp /move) or generalize it to just healing aura (200hp/move) so that it could heal all the teammates

You don’t know what you’re asking for


I don’t think 500/move would be too much

Till they start skipping and you can’t kill sunflower due to harden carapace and your team is full of shells


Thats what iam saying
If she was a new monster and a combo monster why is sh*t
The Dolph combo
Everyone have a good speed,life,and attack and make counter of Sleep,Poison
So why the GF cant be a good combo too?

Every one of them has one shot moves, and an incredible passive. Not to mention they were one of the most common FLs in the past pvp. How are you claiming they’re bad because of on GF not being fast enough? :joy::joy::joy:

Exactly, my point too… G.F. basically used for that annoying passive lol. And attack move need support by another GF.

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I don’t think that it’s bad…but IT IS HELL LOT SLOW. Currently along with garden fairy FL a lot of people use stun FL…so if the speed is somehow managed or if the passive is changed to bisector, it would help a lot

No thank u

I didnt say they are bad
But the Dolph get Stun inmunity and attack/defense boost
Why maybe the GF can have Stun Inmunity GF like her passive skill?
The Dolph are one of the most strongers combs because have:
Time Over
Poisson Massacre
Double Time Attack
And they dindt nerfed
If you make the GF a good combo let her stun inmunity like the Dolphs

She can kill literally anything or provide massive amounts of support for the team the instant she gets a turn. Stun absorber makes sense on her based on her passive and the amount of impact she provides with each turn. Stun can keep her out of the game temporarily while she still gives value in fairy teams. Seems like a good balanced monster to me.