Boss Bug

Im at the last boss and i noticed that im short on monsters. So i checked my last monster and i noticed my last four monsters didnt even go into battle. This has happened in other boss battles. This is quite frustrating when i clearly am about to win…

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Can you please elaborate? What do you mean, short on monsters?

For example if i had 20 monsters, only up to the 16th monster will show. The last four seem to not even be in my party. Regular monster fights its fine, its just when it comes to boss fights this bug tends to happen.

Did you use any sacrificial skills that use the last monster in the lineup?

Either a bug or you didn’t realize you used throw-type skill, in regular fights you hardly used throw type skill that maybe the case

That’s right, what are those first 16 arkadions?

If you used throw it should have a little box that appears saying you sacrificed the last arkadion in your lineup.

Yeah thats what i figured as well, but i never sacrifice and i made sure the opponents didn’t as well. Unless theyre using such a move and i dont see the box or dont notice it. I just did the last boss again and again my last four monsters weren’t in the fight. Ill switch up my party and try to figure it out. thanks

Not a problem, please tell us how it goes.

For now I will move this to the bug section.

Sorry about posting it in the wrong place. I changed the monsters and again my last two monsters didnt show up. Is it because i have too many at this point or?

Ah, do you have a monster with berserk, such as skullrex or megalorex? These can use devour without your permission.

No i dint have either in my party. Well i beat the last boss before even reaching near my last monsters so i dont know if its fixed but thanks for trying to figure it out. I was just confused because i never used sacrifice or seen the enemy do it yet my monsters were. Thank you though

You’re welcome. I sincerely hope it gets resolved soon!