2 minor bugs I'm experiencing

I’m experiencing 2 minor bugs:

  • My monster shares and friend points don’t increase even though I know my monster is used. I still get friend points by choosing monsters myself though.

  • After training Radolph goes “change team after training, otherwise you are a bad trainer” even though I actually did change team before going online.

Not sure about the first one. I always thought the way it works is whenever you select someone’s monster to use they get +5 friend points or +10 if they’re you’re “friend”. You seem to say that you get the friend points yourself for selecting someone’s monster?

The second one is because the “tabs 1-4” and “tabs 5-8” buttons don’t tell the game you’ve changed team even though it switches you to team 1/5 respectively. I reported this a while back. I recommend that if your training team is in 1-4 then make team 5 one which you’ll not use very often. For me it’s my dungeon challenge team.

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Just add yourself as a friend and chose your own shared monster. Did that the whole grind to hero rank 200. Easy friend points

It’s possible? Also damn that’s lonely.

Yeah it’s possible, I did black beast fight to 200 and having 2 doom engines made it easy but couldn’t guarantee I would always find one to share so shared my own

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Oh wow you really can, I just tested it myself. That’s hilarious and seems like an exploit to get lots of friend points.
@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD Does this need to be fixed?

I’m so going to steal that!

Did not know that! I’m adding myself lol.