Best Way to Farm EXP

As a relatively new player, how can I farm to level 20 the quickest? I’m on chapter 3 of the story missions, and I’m not sure where else I can get experience points. Thanks for any help!

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Chapter 3 doesn’t give a lot of xp. The ingredient mission give out a good amount of xp early on.


Chapter 3 doesn’t give a lot of xp. The ingredient mission give out a good amount of xp early on.

Awesome, thanks!

Goldmouth/Crystalmouth mission is really good for this purpose. If you miss few xp. If you don’t get a level up straight, you can go to dojo and do the lesson 5 battle 1 (where you need to hit 1 last stand) a few times to earn a few xp so you refresh your tickets.

“Hell mode” on Balancion trials


The. Best way that and just grinding

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Try to rush through the online story to chapter 4. The shadow section has the best mission for exp: 2440xp / 9 tickets. Once you reach that point I recommend you do only one online story mission a day. Each day it will make the next mission give double exp, so you can have great efficiency by doing them once a day and using your other tickets on the chapter 4 shadow temple last mission.

For burning tickets quickly (or before chapter 4) the ingredients missions are good. Once you unlock it, the pyramid mission is the fastest way to use tickets: 4000xp / 30 tickets. It’s about half the efficiency of the best story mission but it’s just one battle to do, has 8 monsters and uses 30 tickets in one go. It also gets you Cryptamids, a rare ingredient for legendaries!

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So If I rank 51 but have only 1 legendary(lavahawk) and I can’t beat the water section on chapter 4 what do I do then…

You get yourself a galvbane :grin:


Any advice on getting Moalith…

Hey how do I get copies of the four starters to do the final ultras for the starters??? And is it worth to do it?also I have 3 legends now galliodragon,noxar and polabrute and still the online limited time events and too tough to clear😭 at hero rank 30 is that like fine or what should I do to clear those?

You can get multiple copies of the 4* starters by doing the battles again in the monster hunting section. You’ll need 9 copies of each in total and it’s not 100% chance you get one each time so get farming!

The online events take quite a bit of time before you can pass all the way to the end. I’d estimate you need over a year before you can complete them all. After a few months you may have built a collection where you can have a strategy to complete one event or two.

Dude where can I get an altermid to evolve nilox

There’s one in Time Attack

Yeah but I don’t think I can get it there i mean it’s in the 7th round that’s quite tough I’ll post my team would appreciate suggestions

@weeb I think its also in the super challenge battle

Hi! There’s quite a few ways to earn a lot of EXP, but my personal favorites would be:

-GoldMouth and CrystalMouth Missions
-Story Missions late into the game
-Special Ingredient Missions in the Ultra-Evolve section. Mostly the ones in the “Elemental” section, as you can get way more ingredients for ultra-evolving, while you get 3000 exp. Though, you need 25 tickets everytime you want to experience it. You have to be mediocre in strength if you want to pass this one.

Worst missions for EXP:

-Silver Mission (300EXP!)
-Story Missions at the start
-Fruit Missions (300EXP!)

You don’t need legendaries, I passed a lot of things with 5 star Super Epics. The Electric Starter is a good option for you, though.