Best Legendaries?

Hi everybody,

I’m pretty noob to neo monsters (not new, I’ve been playing for a few months now) and I’m just wondering what the best legendaries to worst are, since I can’t find any opinions online besides last biters and rexo.

Well, those three are probably the best (God, Drag and Rexo) and most people agree that Dolph is probably the worst right now.

thanks but i was more looking for something of a tier list like you see in other games, for example just based off what Lendren said up there

S+: God, Drag, Rexo

F: Dolph 

I want to know what people (namely experienced veterans) would place some of the middle tiered ones

Warca and nightrider certainly sound sick, and of course, I love the sound of cryokaizer and sanctallion.

There isn’t a defined tier list that we agree on currently. I’ve basically come up with one based on my opinion, which is of course subjective. Basically I’ve ranked them based on how they fit in a team without any support. The higher ones fit in any team, the lower ones either are more situational or require more support to function well.

S+: Dragaia, Godfeather, 

S:   Rexotyrant, Aegisdragon, Ultimadragon

A+: Lavaronix, Nightrider, Serapheon, Kamiwyrm, Shadowyrm, Atrahasis

A:   Cybereon, Nightlord, Celestion, Bahamuzar, Talosquire, Apollorexus, Chronotitan, Warca, Nebrelonix

B+: Flarevern, Tiamazus, Omegadragon, Polareon, Oniblade

B:   Stormloch, Shadowhunter, Goldtail

C:  Cryokaiser, Sanctillion 

D: Dolphlare, Soulstealer

I might have missed some earlier event ones out, just cause I don’t remember them.

Bear in mind this is a list I’ve just come up with, it’s not endorsed or validated by anyone else. I mean you guys can all validate it if you want, but we’ll probably disagree on a few monsters. 

So think of this as a rough guide if you have only a few legendaries and want to know if the one you got is good or not. 

Taloknight is a fat lard but apollorexus is cool haha. Too bad I don’t have one…

But seriously, based off Bucky’s list, I would move kamiworm and shadowyrm down a level and I would raise the auto poisons and polareon up a level.

I would move warca up and bahamuzar down (I honestly have no idea how bahamuzar is for myself, just what I’ve seen)

exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much!

Where would you place nebelronix (the cryochick/freezenix evolution) on there?

Forgot about him. 

Probably about A, you could argue for A+ but you need both it and Atrahasis to do the combo with realistically

personally, I would LOVE to try out bahamuzar. He adds 6 rocks without even dying and can utilize them in multiple ways. I also have 3 4 star and 3 5 star throwers, that could work out nicely.

Yeah he basically has to have a team built around him. Summon swarm is like a 250 sec TU so he needs team turn or give turn

^^^Exactly this. He’s an amazing sweeper but he has that 250s window where he can be timestriked, and that’s honestly the only reason he isn’t an S rank. Once he gets going he will almost guarantee 5 kills, especially because he’s so tanky.

You of all people would raise polareon up a level XD

To be fair I haven’t used it so any input on what it’s like (as a standalone monster remember) would be valuable. In fact I’m going to ask you for feedback, since you probably know the monster best out of all of us. Go and post some feedback on the tier list thread.


Kamiwyrm and shadowyrm are just insane if they are the only legendary you have though, they need no support whatsoever to work.

Still debating on the autopoisons, 160s is pretty long plus you need to poison touch the monster first. Warca I might move up, but it takes a long time to get going.