Best IC Team Ever :v

A team full of yins.
Yall got a better one?

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5 Ankoudragons. The only way to lose is to get fully sleep locked

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Any idea how to abuse the draft ?

@Dev_VKC is good at abusing in this game . Could you help this new player out deverino ?

How to get 5 yins and 5 ankou in 1 team ? Lol

A team full of torto


Insane luck.


Ive seen 3 yin in my own eyes, but 5.
Its impossible to believe on it.
I mean, need to kill them all together but there 5 of them.
Impossible to pass :joy:

Nah … it’s not impossible unless you have a DR team. And you need a lot of luck to hit yin :rofl::rofl: