Best candidates for Waifu type

K guyse, I think Bonanoe’s comment here is actually a great idea.

What would be your best picks for a Waifu type?
I’d say:

5- Voidress
4- Sepheris
3- The Rockoid
2- Atrahasis
1- Arborgias

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I was about to create a poll in the line chat like 1 min ago lol

Who is the best Neo waifu/ Miss neo monsters 2020 !?!?!??

  • Deviladus
  • Brynhildr
  • Arachnadiva
  • Voidress
  • Nagandia
  • Sepheris
  • Novemdomina
  • Yukihime
  • Nereida
  • Sanguinymph
  • Blossomight
  • Phantomaiden

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We need the Miss Neo monsters 2020

Where the :b:uck is Arborgias

Also Sepheris is Best Feet 2020


Sorry, god type monsters are excluded because they will obviously destroy the competition

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Can’t really argue, actually
That’s true, let’s have some actual competition

I dunno

yeah i forgot about nereida sorry I’ll change the poll and pie chart is ugly as hell

Let me choose another one

I f** up the poll can you vote again?

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You also forgot Blossomight and Sanguinymph

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Crap, you’re right ! Ok,can we do a candidate list and then ill make a poll with all of them !

The poll with all candidates has been created


Ehh I just don’t really care about the humans :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t like where this is going


haha you are doomed lol just tell us your pick

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I wasnt actually thinking of what one was the best waifu I meant to click novemdomina bc id like to have it but also wasnt looking at the screen so yea

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