Are there still people playing this game?

So i haven’t played this game for à while and now I checked it out again but it seems kinda dead. Can’t find a single pvp match. So if there are still some people playing pvp let me know, haven’t played it in ages.

yeah, some people are still playing and some are starting to play it. but it seems not be so crowded any more

A good chunk of us are waiting for Monster Island, actually.

Yeah, it will be fun to be one of the starting players in monster island. Although I started this game a couple of weeks ago.

Game Center IDs for people who still play or just started? This place stays dead mostly but for the few who get on leave em.

I’mNotCreativeAtAll is mine, I think…

If ya run into me in PvP by chance, I’m the one with the 0.0 team with a Hydrablazer. :slight_smile:

lol you changed your weird IGN into another weird one?

you know it man :stuck_out_tongue:

AnnihalatorAce is my Game Center ID