Aquatic Type?

I was looking for some aqautic types for Sturgeonidas and saw these 2, shouldn’t they be beast type?

Dont you come here and ruin the great sturg combos that can be ran by pointing out obvious flaws!

PS: yes they do look more like beasts

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you’ve been playing this game for how long? and you expect the things the devs have done to make sense?!!

I think they’re more Aquatic than Beast. Yea, they may be furry dudes, but their natural habitat is the sea.

Just like how Angelion is an obvious lion, but he’s got a halo and shiny garments and therefore is Angelic

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I think there’s a lot of monsters you could argue should be beasts, but they have a good enough reason to be something else

Pretty sure pirates are all abt sea…
Maybe their vocation became their species somehow