Appreciate the devs

Hey guys, I just want to thank the devs for being such awesome folks. Especially Tyler, and Ryan, u guys are the best. Whenever I face problems in the game, u guys always help me. Thanks so much, and I want to take this time to send all my love to u. So everybody, lets all appreciat the hard work and effort that the devs have put in to this game to make it possible. The game is great!

Please be nice to them, do not post anything disrespectful please!

I like positive stuff like this.

They do a great job.

It would be great if u appreciate their help by buying more gems from them…In this way, they can provide better contents for everyone as well…xD

I’m sticking to my F2P title. Although I could buy 6 if I wanted without going over the limit.

thanks for the great events you come with all the time <3 :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, you guys never fail to put out new content regularly which is awesome

Thanks guys! Best game ever :blush:

Thank you!!!