This has been bothering me for a long time but what does it stand for? I’m guessing it’s the attack which hits all enemies but it doesn’t stand for ‘Attack all Enemies’. I can’t work it out.

all of enemies.

anyways, Mods, please delete or lock this thread after the OP has seen this.

Thank you for clearing that up, and yes please, mods. Just go ahead and delete this thread now.

aoe means area of effect.

All of enemies? If I may ask, who coined that? Doesn’t sound like very good English…

Yep, just looked it up and it’s area of effect, meaning it can hit multiple enemies within the area, although I feel it isn’t really the best term for attacks in this game.

wow. someone lied to me v.v;; welp now I need to revise my definition of AOE

Area of effect.