Anyone Know Any Good Manga.

Dont get me wrong I love novels but Id like to maybe get in to a manga series as well.

I for one, like a 5 book series called animal land (it has gore in it just FYI) I won’t spoil it to much, but it has a pretty good plot with good drawings. I also like Rurouni Kenshi, a series about a swordsman, in the age of Meiji (sword usage bye commoners have been banned.) it also has gore in it, but has a good plot and art. This is IMO, so there are probably tons more.

Ok thanks,ill check them out.

I used to read Rave, it has finished a while ago.

The same author is writing another great manga called fairy tail, it’s very well known, not sure how much people know about manga in the states.

Another one i’m reading is claymore. I used to read a lot more, if you specify what kind of manga you might like, I can tell you more…

Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan. Hehehh. Pretty popular, but pretty good.

I’m also fond of +Anima.

Thanks,Also the kind of manga/comics i’ve read/like is yugioh  and dc as you see I haven’t read much.

Thanks Kookaburra i’ll check them both out.Ive taken a glance and they both look really interesting.

Go for breaker then breaker new waves it’s the best manga out right meow