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Hi guys. I’ve been playing for more than a year now and have a lot of good monsters, but I am terrible at making teams for pvp. I always end up losing against other players because they have top tier monsters that are really fast and sweep through my mons before I can do anything. Can you help me improve my pvp team (or make a new one)? Most of my monsters don’t have any bonus, and I do have 15 legendary potions with me, just don’t know on which mon i should use them (help with this would be nice too). Below are my legendaries and my current team:

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Hey man. Here to help. I’ll try not to change your team too much. You have a great collection and it’s not a bad team. There’s a few things I’d change.

  1. It’s a bit slow to start.
  2. There’s a lot of sleep early on, so if one gets countered, that’s 3 mons down the drain and all your momentum lost.
  3. End game is also slow.

Try putting void instead of Mooniac. Also run another AP instead of Elephant and move elephant to 5th.

This buys your team a bit more time. Gyo needs the opponent to have 2 kills for a good SBA so by the time the elephant dies it will be ready. Bloom should be charged by then too.

Use the clones from Wraith host to charge void. Bloodclone and then ritual the clone maker. That way you’re sleeping the opponent and then charging as you go for free, while Bloom and Gyo take out whatever is left.

Run a stun counter 7th or 8th when you get one. Run Houdinioid in the mean time if you have it.

Take a look at the end of your team and try to make it a bit quicker and rather than spamming sweepers try and protect them a bit more too.

You have Drax followed by Delu which will clear almost all stun protection so run some stun after Delu.

Good luck
If the start still doesn’t let me know and I’ll try to think of something else. Jag Or Delu might run better instead of Void

Thanks for the advice. I made some changes according to your tips, but I am still struggling with the end of the team. It is always the weakest link on my teams. Any advice? to make it a little quicker?

Who ever you encounter try to copy the formation that they are using, you will get a good idea of different strategies and the way of utilization.

I don’t think that person is playing now

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